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The Pre-School Centre, University of Cumbria, Bowerham Road, Lancaster, LA1 3JD
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Makes me feel good

When I'm painting at nursery, or at home,

Please, oh please, just leave me alone!

I know that to you it may look a mess

But really, really, I'm doing my best.

Don't ask what it is, don't say why that space.

And let me put three or four eyes on a face.

One day when I am older, I'll conform, just like you.

But right now I am enjoying the colours and goo.

I paint cos I want to, it makes me feel good.

That green bit's my garden; the red bit's my blood.

So thanks for the paper, the brushes, the paint.

I might make a mess, you know I am no saint.

So give me an apron and put down some plastic

And I'll paint you creatures, something fantastic.

University of Cumbria Pre-School Centre


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